rock of ages‘Juke Box Hero’ and ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ from ROCK OF AGES, performed by Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Alec Baldwin, and Russell Brand seems to be the perfect mashup of two iconic rock songs.

Taylor Swift was considered to play Sherrie, but Hough was cast.

When Sherrie and Drew are in the record store a copy of the original 1984 Footloose (1984) soundtrack can be seen in front of Sherrie. Hough starred in the 2011 remake of Footloose (2011).

Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams were offered the role of Constance, but both declined due to conflicting schedule for a superhero film. Hathaway was busy shooting The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Adams was shooting Man of Steel (2013). Malin Akerman, who appeared in Watchmen (2009), was ultimately cast.

Tom Cruise admitted to being terrified at the prospect of being in a musical but saw it as a personal challenge to be overcome. He rehearsed for five hours every day to get his voice ready for his rock performances.

In High Society (1956), Grace Kelly says to Bing Crosby: “You’re just a juke box hero.” Not known if this is the origin or a coincidence.  – IMDB

And of course, who can forget “Weird Al” Yankovic’s lol send up of the Joan Jett classic… ‘I Love Rocky Road’.


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